1. Can the customer purchase using a combination of credit card & star points?

ANS: As of now, no. Customers can only choose one payment method per transaction.


 2. What type of credit card is accepted in Shop&Cruise?

ANS: Customers can either use Visa or Master Card. 


3. Does Shop&Cruise show the available points for redemption in Shop&Cruise?

ANS: Yes. Star Points balance is shown in the customer information page upon logging in  & in the payment option page.

4. Are there any member exclusive products in Shop&Cruise?

ANS: Yes, we do have member exclusive products in SuperStar Virgo Store, Singapore Store, and Hong Kong Store.

 5. Is there a minimum/maximum number of orders per product?

ANS: No, as long there’s available inventory, you can purchase as many as you want.

 6. Is it required to input the cruise reservation number?

ANS: No, its not required but it is advisable to input the cruise reservation number for easy tracking onboard.


7. What if the customer does not have a credit card, can he pre-order and then pay directly onboard?

ANS: No. Your order transaction will not be completed without a valid payment method.


8.  When can the customer purchase from Shop&Cruise?

ANS: Customers can purchase 3 days before their sailing date. (If in case they want a later date, they can send an email to us for a change of pickup date request).


9. Are purchased products allowed for cancellation & refund?

ANS: All orders received will be processed immediately and are not subject to cancellation/refund (except in some cases related to shore excursions). Upon pickup, we strongly encourage you to inspect your purchased items to your satisfaction. Claimed merchandise can no longer be returned or exchanged.


10. Is there a minimum age requirement for the customer to buy in Shop&Cruise?

ANS: Yes, 18 years old & above.


11. When a shorex is cancelled by Star Cruises, does the customer get a full refund?

ANS: Yes. The Tour Manager informs the eCommerce team about the cancellation and then a team representative process the refund.


12. For cases when Star Cruises cancels the cruise, is it automatic that Shop&Cruise order will also be cancelled?

ANS: Not necessarily. Customers are allowed to pickup their orders 90 days after they make a purchase. Customer can rebook a cruise (as long as its within the 90-day period) and then he/she can claim the item/s. Customer needs to inform Shop&Cruise about the new pickup date.


13. If the customer cancels his/her cruise voluntarily, can he/she cancel his/her order and then get a refund?

ANS: Yes, you may opt to refund but it is subject for approval . Once approved, a  5% cancellation fee will be charged. You also need to submit a proof that the cruise booking has been cancelled already.

14. Do you have terms and conditions that I can refer to?

ANS: Yes. You may go to this site for the T&C - https://shop.starcruises.com/index.php/terms-and-conditions


15. Where can you send your inquiries?

ANS: Please send your inquries to onlinestore@starcruises.com