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  1. Essence Nagasaki Tour
    Essence Nagasaki Tour

    From NTD2,250.00 was NTD2,500.00

    To NTD2,340.00 was NTD2,600.00

  2. Yeosu Scenery Tour
    Yeosu Scenery Tour

    From NTD2,115.00 was NTD2,350.00

    To NTD2,295.00 was NTD2,550.00

  3. Kyoto & Osaka Highlight
    Kyoto & Osaka Highlight

    From NTD1,890.00 was NTD2,100.00

    To NTD1,962.00 was NTD2,180.00

  4. Southern Miyakojima Island Tour
    Southern Miyakojima Island Tour

    From NTD2,925.00 was NTD3,250.00

    To NTD3,015.00 was NTD3,350.00

  5. Whole Cruise Wifi for 5 Nights
    Whole Cruise Wifi for 5 Nights
    was NTD1,940.00 Special Price NTD1,746.00